Script Engage Review – No BS!

ScriptEngage-ProIs Script Engage a scam ? or is it a legit product ? in this Script Engage review you will get everything you need about this popular new product launch!


Script Engage is the best copywriting software launched in 2016 so far , you should get it now as product owners are closing the doors very soon!!!

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SCRIPT ENGAGE Product Details

  • Vendor: Justin Burns & KARL “THE SHARK” SCHUCKERT
  • Product: Script Engage Pro
  • Launch Date: 2016-05-20
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47



Script Engage is a copywriting computer software which allows your clients the capability to make written material when wanted.

Script Engage enables users to answer a few relevant questions to the things they refer to as the “Avatar” This is immediately you might save in the form of a online profile. And then your current end user will have the potential to generate a great deal of website programs.

It was the large notion behind script engage. The power to create manuscripts when required as well as have the crucial sales page to complete a whole product sales funnel.

So instead of just being allowed to make a one time sales copy and also single copy, it enables your current end users to develop a bunch of tools.

But not only any scripts, I’m talking top money making website programs that can find them super profitable.

Whats a copywriting software ?

In today’s world where a lot of content is being produced and the internet is growing with articles and pages of every type, a copywriting software is a very necessary investment that every business needs to make.

A copywriting software basically automates the task of writing while checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes. A revolutionary new copywriting software that is soon to launch is Script Engage, which I will talk about today. Specifically, Script Engage is targeted towards writing sales scripts. The idea behind this software is that basically any business can promote its product without really giving time to writing a lot of articles.

My Verdict on Script Engage

I find this a great product that is why it inspired me to create a Script Engage review and take a look at whether it’s really a good investment or not. This software will launch on 20th May 2016 and has generated a lot of interest as of now.

So how does this software really work? Well the work is described on its official website. The customer creates a profile which is referred to as an Avatar. When creating an Avatar, the customer answers a basic set of predefined questions that will decide the type of copywriting the customer wants to achieve.

Some of the basic questions asked are: how you got the idea of the product, how the product help the customer, how it eliminates the pain for the customer, etc. You can also choose the product name, what it offers and how much it is going to cost. After all this information is entered, you will tell where you want the product advertised and also your contact information in case the customer wants more details on the product. Then finally, you will have to select the type of your Avatar.

There are a lot of types provided by Script Engage and you will choose the one which achieves your objectives as efficiently as possible. When you select the type of script you want, the editor will open. The editor will be partially filled with information however you will have to write some of the key points of your product yourself.
While writing this Script Engage review, I found out that the editor is a powerful tool built inside the software. It is created so you can finalize your script. From the editor, you can add different sections, some of which will be partially filled based on the information you entered when you were creating the avatar.

You can also access the traditional word processing features in this editor. The editor also gives you the option to add attractive and eye-catching images which will be able to catch the customer’s attention. When you have written all that you require and your script is finalized, you can export it in the form of PDF, Word, Google Docs, or PowerPoint. You can also save this template for future use.

The types of scripts that can be generated bu this software are also very well in number. You can generate Facebook ads, webinars, headline scripts, and phone scripts to name a few. All these scripts will be pre-generated and will require minor modifications to specifically cater to the product or service that you are offering.

Scripts can also be generated via collaboration i.e. if you are an organization or company of multiple persons, you can work together to create a more efficient script. Also present are the high conversion funnel scripts which will generate sale scripts in the least amount of time with minimum user input. These funnel scripts are used for rapid product advertisement and are typically well-suited to business who need to advertise their product in the minimum amount of time.

Some of the scripts that are generated by this software are truly unique. This software tries to remove the manual and tedious process of studying formulas or hiring people to take part in traditional sales pitch. With Script Engage, you can specially target the market in which you are interested and create effective product advertisements which will attract all the customers.

All of this can be accomplished at the push of a few buttons and minor modifications. The creator of this software claims that these scripts are not just copied templates but a lot of organizations have generated a large amount of revenue by the use of these sale scripts. Most customer feedback seems to suggest that these scripts are effective. With the use of Script Engage, organizations can also save a lot of time. Also due to the ease of use of this software script creation becomes a hassle-free process and anyone with a little computer knowledge can easily create them.

Also with the passage of everyone, new expert scripts are added which add a lot of extra features to the already existing scripts. With the expert scripts creating copyrighted content becomes more easy and intuitive.

As of now, even if I made this Script Engage review, the product is yet to launch. However, you can gain early access and try the product for free before it launches and you are charged. This can be done from the website of Script Engage. Also if you take part in the promotion of the product the company offers you some cash benefits as well as prizes. The starting package for Script Engage is at $47 which gets you 10 scripts. You can also subscribe to monthly as well as yearly packages according to the need and nature of your business.

Overall, this is an excellent product. It eliminates the need for spending a huge amount of time and money on learning difficult and unpredictable copywriting formulas as well as hiring expensive copywriters dedicated to do this task. It can easily generate the wide variety of scripts you will need in order to promote your product. With a powerful editor and excellent modifications that can be made to existing templates, this product offers you one of the best copywriting tools that you can get at a moderate cost.

I urge you to give this product a try and see for yourself how it can help your business grow. If in case you missed some important features of the software, you can always go back here and read this Script Engage review.

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